And the award for best breakout star goes to... Angie's right leg: Miss Jolie's lithe limb attracts attention, mocking and 15,000 Twitter followers


Whole lotta leg: Angelina Jolie flashes more than a peek of her pin as she walks the red carpet at the 84th Academy awards in Hollywood last night

She has faced some criticism in recent weeks over her dull taste in red carpet attire during the promotional tour for her film In The Land Of Blood And Honey, choosing matronly gowns and drab colour tones over her previously sexed-up image.
But Angelina Jolie enjoyed a return to her old cheeky, provocative self last night at the Oscars, flashing acres of long, lithe leg in a daring thigh-high slit gown.
The actress' apparent determination to show off her enviable limb attracted the desired attention from fans, fellow guests and television viewers - but not all of it was positive.

Darling, isn't my right leg wonderful? Angelina posed up a storm in her black velvet Atelier Versace gown with Brad Pitt by her side

While the 36-year-old sashayed down the red carpet before the ceremony, stealing the spotlight from Best Actor nominee Brad Pitt with her leg-baring antics, social networking sites were quickly heating up with thousands of comments about 'Angie's right leg'.
As she posed at different points along the red carpet the actress was captured continuously adjusting her Atelier Versace gown to ensure the cameras caught the leg from every angle.
The limb in question quickly became a trending topic on Twitter, with users debating over her enviably trim thigh, the slightly awkward and over-enthusiastic pose, and joking about the emphasis on her right leg in particular.

From every angle: The actress was seen constantly adjusting her dress as she posed on the red carpet to ensure photographers captured her thigh-high slit, and even seemed reluctant to cease posing as Brad dragged her away (right)

'Rainman would have no problem counting Angelia Jolie's leg,' one Twitter user joked, while another added: 'Fun fact: Angelina Jolie only shaved her right leg tonight.'
It wasn't long before a parody Twitter account called 'Angie's Right Leg' had been set up, declaring, 'I'm a leg, get a load of me!' and 'You have to admit I'm one hell of a leg!'
So far the account has attracted over 15,000 followers.

You thought it was over... guess again! The Salt star continued her evening of flashing the flesh onstage as she presented an award for Best Adapted Screenplay

And if fans thought they had seen the last of the limb when the awards ceremony commenced, they were certainly wrong.
Perhaps already informed of the hoopla by her people, or simply enjoying the attention, the actress continued to pose up a storm when she took to the stage to present an award.
Walking onstage to present the gong for Best Adapted Screenplay, Angelina stopped at the microphone for several seconds with her hand on her hip and that leg on full display again.

Lapping up the attention: Ange remained in her pose for several seconds as she enjoyed wolf whistles and cheers from the audience

With wolf whistles and cheering from the audience, Jolie giggled at the reaction before continuing with the presentation.
But not everybody was as taken with Angelina. The screenwriters for The Descendants, who won the award, were quick to mock her as they accepted the award.
While Alexander Payne, who also directed and produced the film, made his speech, fellow screenwriters Nat Faxon and Jim Rash mimicked Jolie's pose in an exaggerated fashion, drawing laughs from the audience.

How do we look? Winners of the category, Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash of The Descendants were quick to mock the presenter's antics as they accepted their award

'I'm one hell of a leg': A parody Twitter account quickly surfaced and at this point had attracted 10,000 followers

This morning, Angelina's father Jon Voight defended her antics during an appearance on Daybreak in the UK.
Asked what he thought of her posing, the actor said: 'She comes out and does this pose and waits until people get it, it was so great. The audience responded so wonderfully too, with whistles and everything.
'And then she laughed and took it in and went on with her speech. So who knows? You can never tell about these moments that pop up out of a show like this.'

Party time: Brad and Ange were spotted leaving George Clooney's after-party at Craig's restaurant

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