'I was moments from death': Amanda Holden describes her terrifying ordeal giving birth- after which she lost 13 to 15 litres of blood


Touch and go: Amanda Holden has finally shared the full account of the birth of her daughter Hollie on 23 January, after which she spent three days in intensive care

She has gushed effusively about her joy at the birth of her baby daughter Hollie, who arrived via C-section on 23 January.
However it is no secret that the delivery was a deeply traumatic ordeal for Britain's Got Talent star Amanda Holden, who spent three days in intensive care after a massive hemorrhage which left her 'moments from death'.
Now for the first time, the 41-year-old has described in detail the horrific minutes during which her husband Chris Hughes did not even know whether she was alive or dead.
Amanda flat lined for 40 seconds after losing '13 to 15 litres of blood'.

Terrifying: Amanda says that the thing that has hit her hardest is that her husband Chris Hughes imagined how he might break it to their six-year-old daughter Lexi if she had died

After undergoing three transfusions in one day, there was no knowing whether her organs would fail due to rejecting the blood.
'As much blood as they were putting in me was going out. It just would not clot,' she told The Sun On Sunday.
'For seven minutes Chris didn't know if I was alive or dead. They literally ran out of my blood group in London. They had them on mopeds coming from everywhere with it.'
Amanda had gone for a routine scan, at which her doctor suggested the baby be delivered early as she was a healthy weight.
The actress says that she thought it was a fantastic idea, the wait would at last be over. However only a few hours later she was under a general anesthetic and bleeding non-stop.

Took a risk: After undergoing three transfusions in one day, there was no knowing whether her organs would fail due to rejecting the blood

'There was a moment where they said I had flat-lined for 40 seconds. My heart stopped and I was literally moments from death. It was touch and go,' she divulged.
'I had something called placenta previa - a low-lying placenta that prevents you from giving birth naturally. I also had placenta accreta - which meant my placenta was stuck to the C-section scar from the two previous births.'
'But everyone at the hospital knew about it and we were prepared for it. We had pints of blood ready- everything was covered for the worst-care scenario.'
Amanda caught just a glimpse of Hollie before she hemorrhaged and was put under general anesthetic.

Stayed strong: Amanda didn't want Lexi to feel afraid when she saw her in hospital looking so unwell

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