'We've ditched the diets for good!': Fitness DVD queens Coleen Nolan, Nadia Sawahla, Claire Richards and Tricia Penrose on how they stay in shape


From left: Tricia Penrose, Claire Richards, Coleen Nolan and Nadia Sawalha were crowned Slimmer of the Year

Over the years, they have all brought out their own weight loss DVDs as they struggled with their food demons.
But now former slimming queens Coleen Nolan, Nadia Sawalha, Claire Richards and Tricia Penrose have ditched the diets for good.
The celebrities reveal they’re no longer slaves to the scales but are happier than ever with their shapes.

The celebrities say they are happy with their new figures and haven't weighed themselves in ages

Coleen, 47, tells Best: ‘When I lost all my weight and got down to a size 10, I enjoyed being that way. The problem was maintaining it. It was taking over my life.
'At my daughter’s birthday I was the only one saying no to cake. Now I’m really happy, I’m still the same person but there’s just a lot more of me.’
Former Steps star Claire Richards, 34, who’s yo-yoed between a size 8 and her current size 16 says she’s happy with her curves.

Presenter Coleen, left, and actress Nadia released fitness videos after dropping the pounds

She says: ‘I don’t go on the scales anymore. I haven’t weighed myself for ages. I’m happy how I am and I’d hate for my daughter to have issues with food.’
When actress Tricia Penrose, 41, discovered her mum had lung cancer at just 57, she realised there was a lot more to living than calorie-counting.
She says: ‘I’ve stopped obsessing about my weight. Every morning I’m reminded that Mum has lung cancer. I used to be paranoid about looking fat and would lose sleep every time the scales went up a few pounds. Now I know there are more important things in life.’

Former Steps singer Claire, left, yo-yo'd between a size 8 and 16 and Heartbeat star Tricia, right, lost weight after discovering her mother had lung cancer

According to 47-year-old Nadia, the best way to be happy with your body is to forget about diets.
She says: ‘I was heartily sick of being fat and wearing clothes for no other reason than because I could get my a*** into them.
'Don’t think to yourself that you need to shape up in a matter of weeks or even go on a diet. Start exercising and eating healthily now.’

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Speaking about her routine, Sawalha enthused: 'I’ve wanted to be slimmer for over 20 years but never did anything about it.
'I had nearly given up my ‘slim dream’ before I found this routine, not only is it fun but I actually love doing it! And most importantly of all it really works, I’ve gone from a size 18 to a 10 in four months.
'I honestly never believed I’d be able to lose the weight or have a toned size 10 body. But now I have…and so can you.'

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