Gun-toting Apple lover tests durability of latest iPad - by SHOOTING it with rifles


Proud: Richard Ryan brandishes the iPad 3 after he has taken a couple of shots at it

A gun owning fan of Apple’s new iPad decided to test just how durable his new gadget was - by shooting it with a series of high powered rifles.
The resulting video of the gadget being obliterated has now become an online hit.
Created by Richard Ryan, the video shows different guns, including a Tech Assassin HK53 assault rifle, being used on a range to shoot the new iPad.
The slow motion video shows the screen smashing in the spot where the bullet passes through, but it does not shatter entirely.

Target: The gun lover prepares to soot the must-have gadget

'It didn’t do as much as I’d hoped to it,' said Ryan after the first test, before deciding to use a higher powered M4 gun, which blasts a large hole through the centre of Apple’s latest must-have gadget.
The video is the latest in a series produced by Ryan, who has also shot an iPhone, Xbox 360, iPad 2 and other gadgets.
He also has an unusual take on another popular online series of videos, called ‘will it blend’, where the latest gadgets are placed in a blender to see if they survive.

Strong: The iPad 3 stands upright after a few shots have been fired at it

Durable: The tablet refuses to budge even after it has been the target of several bullets

Shattered: The front screen of the gadget has been smashed

Ryan’s take on the series involves a blender being shot using a series of rifles.
But the gun lover's latest video has divided opinion among YouTube users.
One user said: 'Why would you ruin a good ipad. I’ve wanted one for ever and couldn't afford one.'
However, others are fans, claiming the video is ‘awesome’.

Change of tactic: This slow motion shot shows what happens when a higher powered gun is used

Ruined: The screen of the latest iPad is completely shattered when an M4 gun is used

Damage: The gun-toter proves that the gadget can be destroyed

source :dailymail


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