Oh no, they've turned the Union flag blue! Team GB models new Olympics 2012 kit designed by Stella McCartney for Adidas


Jessica Ennis models the new Olympics 2012 kit, designed by Stella McCartney for Adidas

Stella McCartney has defended her choice to feature a blue Union flag on the official Team GB kit for the 2012 Olympics after it was met with public outrage.
Produced by Stella McCartney for Adidas, the range, modelled by various athletes including Jessica Ennis, has been themed around a blue and white flag - effectively eliminating the St George and St Patrick crosses from the design.
This evening the designer justified her design, responding to criticism on her Twitter account.
She wrote: 'I see many feel as strongly about the Union flag as I do! The design actually uses more red & shows more flag than any Team GB kit since '84.'

Stella Team, posing with Team GB athletes, said she was inspired by the Union flag, but wanted to give it a more 'modern' feel

The kit has been met with heavy criticism, with many taking to the internet to question the design, with some branding the range a 'massive fail' for not sticking to national colours.
Although the kit does feature some red - on the trainers and socks - the shade has been used predominately as a trim and not as part of the flag.

The uniform was unveiled at the official launch at the Tower of London today

The new looks were unveiled on Facebook today, prompting users to express their anger.
One member commented: 'Massive fail!!!! These are not our national colours!!!! Did someone not get the memo.'
Another wrote: 'Needs a LOT more RED !!! - Change it quickly PLEASE!!!'
One member agreed: 'Oh dear! Stella, Stella - did you not think of asking ANYONE on a UK street if they thought it was reasonable for you to take the red off our Union Jack?'

Tennis: Andy Murray was one of the models chosen to unveil the range that features very little red

Other sporting fans were also left confused by the giant X across the waist of the uniform designed for the men's athletic team.
Many compared it to the logo used by the ITV reality TV show the X Factor.
One Facebook user wrote: 'Are X-Factor a sponsor?'
Another agreed: 'Very disappointed that they have excluded any definitive imagery of the GB flag/colors, also that the design on the front has definitely been stolen from the X-factor.'

Designer Stella said she took inspiration from British flag - but 'modernised' it.
McCartney said: 'The first place to start on a project like this is to look at the Union flag.
'For me it’s one of the most beautiful flags in the world and it was important for me to stay true to that iconic design but also to modernise it and present it in a contemporary way.
'Ultimately, we wanted the athletes to feel like a team and be proud with the identity we created.'

Cycling: Chris Hoy and Lizzie Armitstead model the kit comprised of cycling shorts and a zip-up top

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