One smart phone... one daft driver: Motorist uses 2p elastic band instead of £7 hands-free kit (but is he on to something?)


A driver was captured using a novel - and perhaps rather precarious - hands free kit in his car by amateur photographer Peter Loft

For most motorists who need to chat and drive, the procedure is simple: shell out a few pounds on a hands-free kit.
But this chap had a different idea: liberate a large elastic band from the office stationery cupboard, strap it on your head and wedge your smartphone under it.
No doubt it left him with a red mark across his forehead.
And if stopped by the police, he could have found himself with three penalty points on his licence.

The picture was taken by amateur photographer Peter Loft, 62, in the village of Patrington, near Hull.
Mr Loft said: ‘This bloke drove past me and started to pull into a car park and I caught sight of this thing on his head out of the corner of my eye.
‘My first thought was, “What the hell is that?”. But when I looked a bit closer I realised that it was a phone on the side of his head and there was an elastic band keeping it there.
‘He was just finishing up a conversation. I’d never seen anything like that before. It looked pretty odd.’
It is illegal to drive while using a hand-held mobile phone. Hands-free kits using an earpiece cost as little as £7.
Ellen Booth, of road safety group Brake, suspects the police would take a dim view of the elastic band alternative.
‘I would suggest that it’s even more dangerous than simply holding a phone in your hand because this is a very complicated manoeuvre,’ she said.
A spokesman for the Department for Transport said it would be for a court to decide if the motorist was driving illegally in this case.

source: dailymail


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