Perfect for a Han Solo! Film fan's incredible collection of Star Wars-themed GUITARS built from scrap


May the chords be with you: Tom Bingham shows off one of his painstakingly made Star Wars guitars, this one in the shape of the Anakin Jedi Starfighter

A music-mad sci-fi fan has combined two great loves of his life - by building a unique collection of Star Wars-themed guitars.
Creative film fan Tom Bingham has spent the past decade building electric guitars in the style of the iconic sci-fi movie series.
His incredibly detailed collection includes a Millenium Falcon guitar and another instrument based on the Jedi Anakin Fighter. Retired printer Tom, 64, from Corby, Northants, scours car boot sales and scrap yards for the metal and wood he uses to build his amazing guitars.
His collection of around 20 instruments also includes guitars shaped like cricket bats, record players and even the Large Hadron Collider, while each takes three months to build from scratch.

Millenium Full-strum: Tom's Millenium Falcon guitar took three months to make using a 140-piece kit of the famous Star Wars craft, while his Jedi Starfighter instrument uses a Hasbro Body, Westfield neck and Telecaster hardware

The Millenium Falcon guitar was built using a 140-piece kit of the iconic Star Wars spacecraft commanded by Han Solo.
Tom had to take the kit apart and rebuild it again so it supported the guitar neck he attached it to.
The 'painstaking' lengths he goes to with each instrument are all the more impressive given that Tom suffers from chronic arthritis.

Detailed: Tom has been offered various sums to do commissions or sell his collection, but has so far refused all offers

Out of this world: Tom's B-wing fighter guitar is another unique addition to his Star Wars collection

Tom said: 'I like Star Wars and I like other sci-fi stuff too.
'I saw a picture of a Millennium Falcon on the internet years ago and did my own version.
'I use a replica and attach a neck to it. With the Falcon I even put flashing LED lights in the back.
'It lights up blue in the dark, it gives it a hyperdrive look. The kids love it.
'The important thing is you have to make the body very rigid - I had to take the Millennium Falcon kits apart to their 140 odd pieces and rebuild it so it supports the neck I attach it to.

Built from scratch: Tom uses kits and also scours scrap yards and car boot sales for the metal and wood needed for his unique collection

Stripped back: Tom's 'oilcan' guitar inspired by a Castrol oilcan, and his cricket bat instrument are two more guitars from his incredible collection

'It isn’t easy and took hours painstakingly building it every day.'
Other wacky creations by the married father-of-two include a vinyl record guitar, chessboard guitar and a cricket bat guitar - based on a Captain Sensible LP cover from 1982.
And another of his a ‘multi-purpose Busker CBG’ guitar has an amplifier built in as well as a zippo lighter, a pick holder, a bottle opener, a vanity mirror, a clock, a penny whistle and 12in cigar 'for when the busker hits the big time. '

Vinyl countdown: Another bizarre creation by Tom is this vinyl record-themed instrument, along with a cigar box-inspired effort

He added: 'I originally started making cigar box guitars but I got bored. Now I just make them out of anything.
'I’ve got a bit of an obsession with it now, it’s my hobby, one thing just leads to another. '
Despite having offers for his quirky creations from as far as Russia and the USA - the retired screen printer insists his guitars are not for sale.
He said: 'A guy in Russia contacted me asking if I would be interested in manufacturing and shipping my guitars to Russia where he would sell them for me.
'Someone else from Cigar Box Nation also offered me top dollar price if I sold and shipped one of my guitars to the USA immediately.
'But they’re not for sale, I’m not tempted by any offers of money.'

source: dailymail


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