Picnic pants, bacon frosting and misfortune cookies: Revealed, the most bizarre items for sale on the internet


Surge or splurge: A full body riot control suit costs an impressive $545 on Amazon while this nifty fake electrical outlet which is really a safe carries a modest price tag of only $5.95

It's a familiar scenario: what do you buy the friend or family member who always seems to have everything?
Now, thanks to the efforts of a gift aggregating website, not only do you never need to trawl the internet again for that unique present, you're almost guaranteed to find something every time that no one even knew existed.
Me Wanty offers visitors a carefully curated collection of the most bizarre products from the web, from strangely functional inventions like 'picnic pants' to gimmicks like 'misfortune cookies' and bacon frosting, and everything fun in between, many of which are sold by Amazon.

Pizza anyone? Italian design company Acquacalda's picnic pants are made to create a table when sitting cross-legged so you can eat your lunch on the go

Acquacalda's Picnic Pants are one of the most imaginative products on the site. A pair of wide-legged, harem pants, they create a surface area on which you can eat when sitting cross-legged.
'Fashion imposes forms to whom finding a function seems a must. Pic nic pants take advantage of the usual cross-legged position to become a comfortable surface useful for consumption of a meal outdoors. Laterally pants have an orientable pocket for drinks.'
A simple display of products in a grid template, Me Wanty has something for every type of consumer from the culinary enthusiast to the technology lover to the practical homebody.

Future gifts: Me Wanty.net looks for bizarre items like these misfortune cookies, $9.99 from ThinkGeek on other websites and acts as an aggregator for similarly odd products

Sweet and meaty: Bacon frosting, $3.99 at Amazon is just one of the inventive products on sale for culinary enthusiasts looking for fun kitchen appliances, accessories and flavours

Functional: Despite the gimmicky nature of many of MeWanty's products, some items are very useful like this batter re-sizer, $5 from Amazon, and these rubber beer caps that save opened beer, $9.49 from Amazon

Inventive: You may be dry in the rain but what about your dog? Keep him or her protected with a $19.99 pet umbrella and don't forget your portable urinal when you go to that summer musical festival, $11.90

The navigation bar on the site runs the gamut of categories, from food to outdoors to gadgets, toys, clothing, work and pets, each page providing visitors with a selection of the hilarious and the handy.
Prices range from $4 for a tube of bacon flavoured frosting to $250 for a kit that turns your iPhone into an SLR camera. A riot control full armour body suit will set you back $545.

Rate of exchange: A Zimbabwean $100trillion bill for sale on Amazon for the bargain price of $7.70 is actually worth about $5 but has become a collectable as the country's highest denomination note of its old currency

Some of the sales could be seen as silly but there are certainly others that offer surprisingly creative solutions to minor day to day issues.
Glow in the dark toilet paper may not be exactly what you were hoping for for Christmas and a $100trillion note from Zimbabwe (the country's highest denomination note from its old currency, on sale for $7.70 and estimated to be worth about $5) may not come in handy in the immediate future.

Go pro: An SLR kit transforms an iPhone into a high tech camera and proves that MeWanty has some worthwhile merchandise on its site for gadget lovers and consumers with a passion for invention

But a plastic beer cap to keep a half drunk bottle of suds fresh or a dog umbrella to keep your special friend dry in the rain might be just what you would have been in the market for had you known they were available.
And with your summer calendar of outdoor events filling up quickly, perhaps the portable disposable urinal may be just up your alley, saving you a trip up the alley...

source: dailymail


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