Pregnant Jessica Simpson's magazine cover is censored by grocery store


Censored: A grocery store in Arizona blocked what they determined to be a scandalous Elle cover featuring the pregnant body of Jessica Simpson

A magazine cover featuring a pregnant Jessica Simpson posing has been censored in an Arizona grocery store.
The new issue of Elle was partially obscured at the Safeway in Tuscon by a piece of cardboard bearing the words: 'Please do not remove cardboard'.
Even though the star's pose carefully obscured anything that might be considered indecent, the store deemed it unsuitable for all audiences.
An image of the notice was taken by a shopper, who sent it to women's news site Jezebel.
The censorship of Miss Simpson's pregnant body is ironic given that a female Arizona state official today announced that she wants to force women to watch videos of an abortion before getting one.
And last week, it was reported that a proposed new law would give Arizona employers the power to request that women being prescribed birth control pills provide proof that they're using it for non-sexual reasons.

As Jezebel noted, these discussions regarding women's reproduction in Arizona portray the state as being very pro-pregnancy.
They commented: 'It's curious that this red state grocery store finds the physical manifestation of God's greatest gift to women (whether they want it or not) so offensive that it warrants being covered up.'
The image of Miss Simpson is a parody of a famous 1991 Vanity Fair cover in which Demi Moore was photographed pregnant.
It was banned and censored on many American newsstands, setting off national debate on motherhood, feminism and beauty.
Now, it seems the pose, a celebration of a woman's pregnant body, is still causing controversy twenty years later - despite countless other celebrities copying the Vanity Fair cover too.

source: dailymail


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