Proof - new iPad IS overheating: Thermal camera shows new model is 5 degrees warmer as users claim it is 'too hot to hold'

-Thermal camera image shows new model is 5 degrees hotter than iPad 2
-Dutch image tallies with user complaints
-Users complain tablet is 'too hot to hold', particularly after playing 3D games
-Some forum users claim Apple should recall gadget


The thermal camera shows the new iPad (left) is considerably warmer than iPad 2 - tallying with user complaints that the new tablet can become 'uncomfortably' warm while in use

Since the launch of iPad 3, users have filled Apple's forums with complaints that the new gadget is too hot - and can even be uncomfortable to hold.
Now a Dutch tech website has 'proved' it, with a thermal camera picture that shows the new tablet is 5.3 °C hotter than an iPad 2.
'On the left is the new iPad - with a temperature of 33.6 ° C in the lower right hand corner,' says tech site Tweakers.' 'The iPad 2 scored in the same place a temperature of 28.3 ° C, a difference of 5.3 °C.'

Users have claimed that the problem with overheating iPads is particularly bad with 3D games

The Dutch bloggers say that their image tallies with complaints on Apple websites.
'Forum messages noted that the location of the processor is a hot spot,' says Tweakers.
'At 33.6 ° C, the iPhone is not too hot to touch, although the warmer housing is very noticeable.'
Users on Apple's forums have repeatedly claimed that the gadget can become 'too hot to hold' - particularly when playing 3D games.
'I think we all know what we have to do - which is to return the iPad,' said a user on Apple's forums. 'They simply did not do a good enough job with this iPad, maybe next year. They also have so much money now that they are giving it away to the stock holders.
'It was reported that Apple sold over 3 million iPads over the weekend. I hope they all return their iPad forcing Apple to revise and fix this iPad sooner rather than a year from now.'
Apple was not available for comment.
On blogs iPad owners have been claiming that the tablet is hotter than previous versions and is uncomfortable to use.
Some have even claimed that it goes into ‘cool down mode’ and freezes until it has reached a stable temperature.

Smokin' hot? Apple forum users have claimed that the new gadget is far hotter than previous iPads and can be uncomfortable to use

The issue seems to be confined to the bottom left hand side, though some people said that the whole left side of the device was too hot.
User Faatty began the discussion by posting: ‘It gets rather warm/hot after 30minutes of usage. It has never happened on my iPad 2. Do you think it's harmless or .... ?’
The iPad went on sale earlier this month and was widely praised for its 3.1million pixel 9.7" Retina display, which is the sharpest out of any tablet computer.
On the official Apple website it says the iPad should stay below 35c for optimum ‘operating temperature'.

source: dailymail


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