She does what she wants! Suri Cruise joins mother Katie Holmes for dinner in her pyjamas...and even brings her own lunchbox


Unique style: Suri Cruise steps out for dinner in New York tonight with mother Katie Holmes and grandmother Kathleen

At the age of five, Suri Cruise already has a very specific sense of style.
She's also not opposed to throwing a wobbly when she doesn't get her way, which might have been why mother Katie Holmes let her little girl step out for dinner tonight in her pyjamas.
The tot looked as if her she were going to a sleepover rather than out for dinner with her family.

Whatever Suri wants, Suri gets: The five-year-old looks like she's ready to complain about something

She wore a tiny heart-covered sleepwear set underneath a purple coat.
Her feet were clad in gold ballerina-style slippers.
Though she, her 33-year-old mother and grandmother Kathleen Holmes were all heading out for a meal, Suri still carried a Madeline lunchbox.

An eccentric outfit: The little girl wore her pajamas out for dinner with her mother and grandmother

Though there weren't necessarily Suri-approved snacks in her bag, it's a fair assumption that she had brought provisions in case dinner at ABC Kitchen wasn't up to her standard.
Her family members clearly wanted to keep her happy, as they each carried toys that can only have belonged to the little one.
Suri's style was clearly more important than Katie's, as the actress covered up in a simple white angora sweater and jeans.
Earlier in the day, Suri also took precedence as the threesome were seen partaking in her favourite hobby - shopping - at New York City store Make Meaning.

Simple style for Katie: Suri's mother balanced out her daughter's colourful look with a simple sweater and jeans

Pouting princess: How fitting that Suri means 'little princess' in Hebrew

source: dailymail


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