That's not very nice! Taylor Swift gets Punk'd by Justin Bieber... because he wants to see her cry


That's harsh! Justin Bieber revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he Punk'd friend Taylor Swift on Ashton Kutcher's show, because he wanted to see her cry

Justin Bieber has Punk'd his friend Taylor Swift, by making her think she blew a boat where a wedding was taking place.
And the teenager revealed exactly why he tricked the country singer - because he wanted to see her cry.
The 17-year-old's prank was revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live during a joint interview with Punk'd creator Aston Kutcher.
Justin is one of several celebrity hosts on the upcoming ninth season of the reality series, which sees the pranks on the stars.
Ashton joked that he had stepped aside as the show's host - which he has been since 2003 - because he was 'losing friends at a rapid pace'.

Just press here: Justin made Taylor let off a firework he said was imported from Japan, as they stood on the balcony of a beachfront property

When Jimmy asked Justin about the idea behind punking Taylor, he said: 'Basically, she's such a sweet girl so I wanted to like make her cry. So I wanted to think of something that would really do that. And she's so sensitive so I knew that if she thought she broke up a wedding... she was literally flipping out. She was like "This is not okay, there's people ... all of a sudden the bride's swimming into the shore.'

Look where it went! The singers and a friend watch where the firework ends up

The clip showed Justin and a friend letting off fireworks, which he'd said were illegal from Japan, from a beachfront balcony into the water.
He asks Taylor, who is still in the house, why she is standing so far back. She relies: 'Because people can get their faces blown off'.
He convinces her to set one off, and it appears to hit a boat in the distance. Taylor yells: ''There's seriously for real fire.'

Going, going: The firework shoots up into the air from the luxury home the celebrities were hanging out in

Oops! The firework appears to land on a luxury yacht out to shore where a wedding is taking place

The clip was then cut short, but no doubt Taylor's full reaction will be revealed when she show airs soon.
Jimmy asked Justin and Aston if, now that they're punking people, they expected to be Punk'd back. A random man dressed only in a green Speedo then ran onto the stage and sat on Jimmy's desk, causing chaos.
Jimmy jokingly asked Justin if he was 'old enough to even watch the show when it was on the first time around,' to which he replied: 'I was like three or four.'

Did I do that? Taylor gasps when she starts to think she's blown up the boat

Ashton then proceeded to pretend to use a walking frame.
He also spoke about how he first heard about Justin after he started trending on Twitter and started looking him up on YouTube.
'I was like 'Who is this kid?'
'The music he was posting, I thought "Wow this is really, really good". I thought the music he was was really great and the way that he carried himself. And then there was this overwhelming wave, like pop sensation that started to happen.

Who is that? After Jimmy asked the boys if they were worried about getting Punk'd themselves, a random man wearing just a pair of green Speedos came and sat on his desk

'I spoke to my producing partner and said "If that kid wants to do the show, and you feel that he can pull it off, that's the kid. Bring him in". And we sat down and talked about it and he was telling me about some of the pranks he was pulling on the people in his crew, and I was really impressed with some of the stuff he was pulling off and I was like "Yeah, let's go".'
Ashton also spoke about going into space on the first commercial airline, Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic.

Sign here: Justin signs autographs outside Jimmy's studios

He said: 'I'm going to space man... I'm going on the Galactic thing yeah. I was with a buddy, we had a couple of beers, some guy was selling trips to space, I'm like "Yeah, let's do it?"'
Meanwhile, Taylor Swift will receive an award from the first lady at Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday night in Los Angeles.
Michelle Obama will present The Big Help Award for her charity work.

To top it off! The teenage heatthrob donned a grey trilby hat after finishing his interview

The award recognizes individuals whose charitable efforts have made an impact and inspired children to do the same. Obama was the 2010 winner of the The Big Help Award.
Swift, one of the world's top pop stars, has been active in flood and storm relief, raising $750,000 when she opened her final "Speak Now" tour rehearsal to fans to benefit tornado victims in The South.
She's also active with charities like The Make-A-Wish Foundation, St. Jude Medical Center and Habitat for Humanity.

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