The most appalling CCTV you'll ever see: Moment girl, five, is gunned down and paralysed as she dances in shop

-Youngster was caught in crossfire of a 'tit-for-tat' gang feud
-Victim Thusha Kamaleswaran had dreamed of becoming a dancer
-Instead she will have to wear a brace and leg splints permanently


Harrowing: CCTV from inside Stockwell Food and Wine shows lying on the floor having been shot in the chest

A split second after she was dancing in the aisle of her uncle's shop, this is the sickening sight of a five-year-old girl being gunned down by gangsters.
Thusha Kamaleswaran was caught in the crossfire of a bungled assassination attempt when a stray bullet hit her in the chest in Stockwell, south London.
She twice went into cardiac arrest as paramedics frantically battled to save her. Thusha will remain paralysed for life. Today, three members of a notorious street gang are facing years behind bars for the attack.
Nathaniel Grant, 21, Kazeem Kolawole, 19, and Anthony McCalla, 20, were involved in a 'tit-for-tat' gang feud that was caught on CCTV when it exploded.
The bicycling attackers had chased a rival gang member into the store and circled in the street outside before Grant fired two shots from a silver semi-automatic pistol through the front door.

Split second before: CCTV showed Thusha dancing in the aisle of her uncle's shop

Roshan Selvakumar, 35, who lived upstairs and was buying groceries, was hit in the face by the second shot, but miraculously escaped serious injury - though he still has part of the bullet lodged in his skull.

Target: The intended victim of the hit and another youth come into the store (left). Thusha and her family can be seen at the front of the picture on the right

The attackers were members of the infamous Brixton-based GAS gang - short for Guns And Shanks - and were hunting youths from the rival ABM - or All 'Bout Money - gang, based in neighbouring Stockwell.
Grant and Kolawole claimed they had been wrongly identified and McCalla insisted he thought he was only taking part in a cannabis robbery.
But an Old Bailey jury convicted them of wounding their two victims with intent and the attempted murder of rival gang member Roshaun Bryan.

Panic: As the gunman standing outside the shop starts to fire, Thusha's family run for cover

All verdicts were unanimous. The trio stood with their hands in their pockets, showing no emotion as the verdicts were announced.
Thusha's mother, Sharmila, and her father, Jeyakumar Ghanasekaram, sat quietly watching from the well of court as the trio were convicted.
In a victim impact statement read to the court, her mother said she was still often reduced to tears when she thinks about her daughter's fate and future.
'It's hard for all at home to see an innocent child hopping around like a rabbit, now paralysed,' said prosecutor Michelle Nelson, reading a statement from Mrs Kamaleswaran on behalf of the family.
'She was a playful child, always happy and smiling and was a good student at school.'

Gunned down: Thusha's family move out of the way to reveal the little girl lying on the floor (left). Her uncle Mahadavan Vikneswaran is seen rushing to help her (right) as the shooting stops

Pitiful: He lifts her limp form from the floor and carries her to safety. Thusha's heart stopped twice on the way to hospital and paramedics feared she would die

CCTV footage of the gunmen showing the moment one of the men lifts his hand and fires into the store

Grant hung his head in the dock while his co-defendants showed no emotion as the statement was read out.
Ms Nelson added: 'What she says is that the impact of this incident remains unbearable to the family.
'She cannot begin to explain the shock felt at the time of the shooting, that her children all were there in the shop, playing and dancing and within seconds of that Thusha was lying of the floor crying and saying she couldn't feel her legs.
'She describes being told by the paramedics that Thusha had suffered heart failure and that their concern immediately was that they didn't know whether she would survive.

Innocent victim: Thusha will be paralysed for life

'They were told subsequently that she died twice on the way to the hospital. It the days after the shooting, the family lived at the hospital, with inevitable consequences - unable to sleep properly or eat.
'Her mother says she could hardly think. Seeing her lying on a hospital bed took their hearts away. She says she cannot think of a worse time in my life and describes how the family have had to pick up the pieces.'
Mrs Kamaleswaran said her daughter's dreams of becoming a singer and dancer had been shattered.

CCTV caught Nathaniel Grant, Kazeem Kolawole and Anthony McCalla on bikes wearing white face masks

The gang had test fired their weapon on a patch of ground near their home turf in Brixton before they set off on their mission to hunt down a rival gang member last March 29.
Grant and Kolawole sped through the streets on mountain bikes, while McCalla rode a women's bike with no crossbar, which he abandoned after the shooting.
Olumayoura Adadegbuyi, a cashier in a neighbouring William Hill store, heard shouting in the Stockwell Road, south London, as the masked cyclists approached and took cover in the shop's toilet.
Thusha was playing with her 12-year-old brother and three-year-old sister in the Stockwell Food and Wine stock room

Images released by the Metropolitan Police show the injuries that Thusha suffered to her chest

Her mother had brought the children with her from their home in Hainault, east London, to pick up her husband, known as Sassi, who had been working on the till that evening.
It was around 9pm when Thusha and her siblings went to investigate noises and shouting on the shop floor, with Mrs Kamaleswaran following close behind.
Just moments later she watched in horror as her little girl collapsed to the floor.
'Due to the continued noise in order to protect my children I also ran into the shop,' she said.
'There I saw Thusha was about to fall down, as if her legs were giving up on her. I was able to get hold of her and stop her falling. Then Thusha asked me to pick her up.
'I tried but I couldn't.'
Mrs Kamaleswaran wept in court as disturbing footage of the shooting was played to jurors for the first time.

Store terror: Thusha, who was in a medically induced coma for a month, was shot in her uncle's Food and Wine store in Stockwell, south London, on March 29 last year

After the verdicts, junior prosecutor Michelle Nelson told the court that Thusha is expected to be discharged from hospital next week.
'It will be the first time the family will all be together since the incident,' she said.
Allison Graham, Thusha's doctor from Stoke Mandeville Hospital, said in a statement: 'I do not expect now that her condition will improve.'

Forensics at Stockwell Food and Wine, in Stockwell Road, Stockwell, where Thusha was hit last March

source: dailymail


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