The real-life Bart Simpson! Schoolboy, 8, set for stardom as videos of his skateboarding adventures become YouTube smash


Eat my videos: Schaeffer McLean has been dubbed the real-life Bart Simpson after the blonde-haired skateboarding starlet became a YouTube hit

-Internet smash began skateboarding aged just two
-More than 6,000 now subscribe to his YouTube channel

He is barely taller than the tool of his trade, but Schaeffer McLean's incredible skills on a skateboard have already helped him to clock up a whopping 13million viewers on YouTube.
The talented eight-year-old from Winterbourne, Bristol, has been dubbed the real-life Bart Simpson after videos of his 'gnarly' 180s and 'sick' grinds were posted on the video sharing site.

Talent: Eight-year-old Schaeffer has been skating ever since he was just two years old

Bart is renowned for his love of skateboarding and Schaeffer's passion for the sport has attracted 6,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.
The fearless youngster first took up skateboarding at just two-years-old when he started skating around the house.
His mother, Eve, said: 'He would skate up and down the living room, so one day I took him to a skate park and he managed to skate the ramp straight away.
'I was quite shocked and I made a video of him doing it, which I later put on YouTube.'
Eve did not check the video again for about a year, but when she did go back to the site she was astonished to find that the video had been viewed more than 40,000 times.
She added: 'I started making proper videos of him, with music. Over the last few years we have put lots of them up.

Skater boy: As a four-year-old, Schaeffer showed off his talent skating down a ramp. Thousands have now witnessed his skills online

'One of the most popular ones has about four million views.'
The majority of the YouTube videos show Schaeffer skating up and down ramps and along rails in skate parks, but some show him in a more unusual skate park - the homemade 'park' in the family living room.
Eve lets her son set up ramps in the house during the winter, when the weather is too bad to skate outside.
Schaeffer has taken part in a few competitions but is still younger than most of his compatriots.
Eve added: 'I suppose the videos are so popular because he is quite good for his age.
'He is young but he also has a huge personality and his character really comes through on the videos.

Schaeffer, pictured here in action at the age of four ,managed to skate the ramp straight away on his first visit to a skate park, says his mother

'We try to make them interesting - they are about our trips and everything that happens, not just about the skating.'
Schaeffer said: 'It’s funny because sometimes when I go to a skate park, people have seen my videos and they high five me.
'It’s nice to skate with them. I actually don’t know why people like my videos.
'I like skateboarding because I like meeting new friends when I go around the skate parks and I get a good feeling when I land a trick.
'Skateboarding is really fun and when I go fast the wind goes in my face and I like the feeling when you come across places where you can skate.

Natural born thriller: The talented youngster wows crowds with his daring tricks on half pipes and ramps across Bristol

'I like skateboarding because I like meeting new friends when I go around the skate parks and I get a good feeling when I land a trick,' says Schaeffer

Half-pipe heaven: Schaeffer McLean's skills on his board have helped him to get more than 13 million views and 6,000 subscribers on YouTube

source: dailymail


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