Top university disbands rugby team amid accusations of racism and sexism after players dress up as warlord Kony, Gary Speed and the Ku Klux Klan for '


'Bad taste': The UEA rugby team has been disbanded after dressing up in obscene costumes on the night out. Here a number of players are pictured on the night out - including one (left) who is allegedly in a Ku Klux Klan outfit

A university rugby team has been disbanded after players dressed up at a 'bad taste' party as Baby P, a member of the Ku Klux Klan and the late Wales manager Gary Speed.
Another member of the group also went to the weekly social event at the University of East Anglia in Norwich dressed as Ugandan warlord Joesph Kony.
Players were accused of indulging in sexist and racist behaviour on the night out and the team has now been banned for the next 18 months.
The union said they had received 'consistent complaints' about the team over the past few years. The team previously caused £1,300 worth of damage at a hotel in Norwich during their Christmas social.

Ban: The Students' Union at the University of East Anglia in Norwich have disbanded the rugby team for the next 18 months until the start of the 2013-14 academic year

The Union of UEA Students said the rugby players had damaged the reputation of the university and its Sports Association.
Complaints were made after the rugby Derby Day 2012 and the Men's 2nd XV game on March 14.
The union said in an open letter: 'Following a large number of complaints made against the Union of UEA Students' Men's Rugby Union Club, the management committee of the union has decided, with regret, to suspend all activity of the club with immediate effect.
'The suspension of all activity will last until the start of the 2013/14 academic year.
'The club will then be restarted in the 2013/14 academic year with special measures in place to ensure that the new club does not follow the same path as the current club.

'Complaints against the club included offences of both sexist and racist natures.'
It added: 'Management is absolutely clear that no provision of the Union should result in these kinds of complaints, and has acted to prevent these issues from occurring again with a Union service, club or society.'
Part of the the statement, from an unknown member of the UEA Men’s Rugby club read: ‘From conversations that I have had with members of the club, there appears to be no remorse from many of the members of the club. It is for this very reason that I agree with the uni’s decision.
‘It was once said that rugby is a hooligan’s sport played by gentlemen but it seems that at UEA rugby has become a hooligan’s game played by hooligans and it is this sort of attitude towards the sport that I want to see removed.’

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