Tulisa faces backlash from fans as she releases suggestive video for We Are Young... just days after 'sex tape' leak


Wind swept: Tulisa has come under scrutiny by some fans on Twitter about the timing of her music video

In showbusiness there are two sayings often repeated, there is no such thing as negative publicity and timing is everything.
Just days after an explicit sex tape was leaked online and 24 hours after Tulisa took a vicious swipe at her ex MC Ultra for betraying her over their 'intimate moment', the singer has released her debut single Young.
Along with the catchy lyrics, including 'forgive me for what I have done', the song comes with a rather suggestive video, showing the singer licking up ice cream with her tongue.
Perhaps unsurprisingly her fans have taken to Twitter, accusing the 23-year-old of orchestrating an elaborate stunt to grab their attention.

Awkward: The singer can be seen doing some very suggestive actions in her new music video

Tulisa played her debut single for the first time this morning on BBC Radio 1 and followed it up with the release of yet another video, this will be the third this week.
The single, We Are Young, has been getting mixed reviews, and some fans have spoken out about the timing of her Youtube video.

Fun times: The singer can be seen in the video having a party and getting up to mischief with her friends

The song features some hard partying antics from Tulisa and opens with the line: 'Forgive me for what I have done, cos I'm young, yeah I'm young.
'I don't mean to frighten you off, it's just fun, it's just fun.'

Party time: Tulisa and her friends look like they are having a laugh as they jump around and have a pillow fight

Earlier this week, the former N-Dubz star 'set the record straight on a certain tape that has been circulating online', but now fans have taken to Twitter to express their suspicions.
After We Are Young was played this morning by Chris Moyles, one fan wrote: 'Is it just coincidence that the Tulisa video ''scandal'' is the same week she is publicising her debut single?'

Battlefield: The former N-Dubz star rocks a few different outfits in the video including this silver dress

Another person said: 'Waitttt, tulisa's clip gets leaked 2 days before she releases her first single #publicitystunt'.
While Tulisa remained tight lipped regarding the tape today, following her solo debut, more and more users on the social network site vented their opinion.
'So mon Tulisa's 'tape' comes out. Wednes Tulisa's forgive me 'tape' comes out. Friday Tulisa's 'forgive me4I am young' single out #ismellarat', said one sceptic.

Ink star: Tulisa shows off her unicorn tattoo on her back as she gets into the swing of things in the music video

We Are Young is an electro pop song produced by Tulisa's ex-boyfriend and band mate Richard 'Fazer' Rawson.
It has been compared in sound to the Rihanna and Calvin Harris hit We Found Love, and the video, which was shot in Miami, last month, shows several sides to the singer.

Top dog: Tulisa, who dubbed herself The Female Boss, will be hoping this single will launch her solo career

With one shot viewers see a lady-like Tulisa in a orange bodycon dress looking glamorous and attractive, but then they are also shown an edgy style as the female MC and singer shows off her tattoo in a corset.
The single is all about being young and making mistakes that you can learn from, and features some poignant lyrics.
The north London-born star sings: 'I'll make mistake that I learn from cos I'm young. yeah I'm young.
'I'm sorry I'm not even done, cos I'm young yeah I'm young.
'Don't worry bout what I'll become, it's just fun, it's just fun.'

source: dailymail


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