A thorny start to life: 8-week-old puppy found face-first in cactus... and now needs a home


Ouch! An eight-week-old puppy has been found face-first in a cactus in Phoenix, Arizona. Emergency responders named him Cactus Jack and took out the spikes over several hours

He's had a thorny start to his young life - but here's hoping the future looks better for Cactus Jack.
The eight-week-old puppy was found face-first in a cholla cactus in Phoenix, Arizona - and is now up for adoption.
Passersby who found the Yorkie-terrier mix alerted the Arizona Humane Society - and got to work on removing the scores of spikes from his face.
'By the time we arrived on scene, the good Samaritans had actually removed him from the cactus and also removed about a five gallon bucket worth of spines,' Bretta Nelson from the AHS told Fox News Phoenix.
He was then taken to the society's Second Chance Hospital where vets spent several hours removing the remaining fish-hook shaped spikes.

Recovering: Passers-by found the terrier-Yorkie mix. He is now recovering and up for adoption

Nelson added that the puppy was unaware of his prickly situation - and said he loved the attention. 'Our EMTs said the whole time he was just wagging his tail and when he was in the hospital getting them removed, he just hasn't missed a beat.
'I don't even think he knows what a predicament he was in,' she added.
Vets checked whether Cactus Jack's eyes had been scratched, but he did not sustain any permanent injuries. He is taking medication to fight any infections from the needles and is now recovering.
On Thursday morning, the Arizona Humane Society opens its doors to introduce the public to Cactus Jack, who is up for adoption.
If multiple people want the pup, a lottery will be drawn.
The $160 adoption fee covers neutering, vaccinations, a follow-up exam, ID tag and collar.

Thorn in his side: Cactus Jack was found in a cholla cactus, pictured, and is being treated for infections

'We're just really happy he has such a good prognosis,' Nelson added. 'I have a feeling people are going to be beating down the doors for this guy.'
The Arizona Humane Society takes in an average of 121 animals a day - that's 43,000 dogs, cats, birds and other animals a year.

Puppy Gets Caught in a "Prickly" Situation: MyFoxPHOENIX.com

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