Barefaced chic: Rhianna tweets a picture of her wearing no make-up... and looking great


Barefaced chic: Rihanna posted this incredible picture on Twitter, she's wearing no make up at all

She's one of the new breed of stars for whom less is definitely not more, unless you're talking about their skimpy clothing.
Because when it comes to make-up for Rihanna and her peer Lady Gaga or her friend, Katy Perry, it's all about piling it in, the brighter the better.
But the 24-year-old doesn't need any of it, as she proved today when she tweeted a snap of her without a scrap.
She looked beautiful, arguably more so than when she is made up for an event or a video. Wearing what looked like a white lei, the singer's hair was natural too, one normal looking hue of brunette and tousled gently.
She was almost biting her lip, in the slightest of chuckles and looking into the camera from a downward angle.
It makes for a refreshingly candid shot of the young star, who is often aged by her dramatic warpaint.

How we're used to seeing her: Rihanna had full on red lips, made up eyes and a heavy foundation base at the Time 100 Gala on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Rihanna was all dressed up at the Time 100 Gala where she was honoured as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.
There, her mother, Monica Braithwaite, decided to discuss her daughter's headline-making alleged fling with Ashton Kutcher.
A cringing Rihanna told fans of her embarrassment by tweeting about the goings-on at the party: 'Well....2nt consisted of us singing Bob Marley, drinkin Vintage Scotch, and my mom thinkin a joke abt Kutcher was appropriate! #Thxtime100' (sic).
'Did you hear the one about Ashton Kutcher and my daughter?' Rihanna and her mother Monica at the gala
Her daughter being named as in company with some of the world's finest, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Duchess of Cambridge, didn't stop Monica from poking fun at her bedroom business.
Her mother's faux pas didn't annoy her famous offspring for too long, and the singer tweeted a picture of the pair together in a cosy snap in the back of their car.

source: dailymail


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