Behind the Iron Cur-TAN: Russian bodybuilders shun expensive treatments for an obliging comrade... and a paint roller


The Russian way of doing things may have a world-wide reputation of being, shall we say, 'old school'. But, when it comes to getting things done in the simplest (and cheapest) way, their no-nonsense method of problem solving can be far more effective.
Take this example. Professional male and female body builders the world over prefer to cover themselves in heavy fake tan to give greater definition to their rippling muscles. They could spend thousands of rubles on expensive tanning salons, spray sessions and treatments. Or, they could ask their decorator mate to use his paint roller to carefully apply a thick layer of tanner to large surface areas of the skin, taking particular care with the face and hair line.

DIY: Who needs a trip to an expensive tanning salon when you have a paint roller and brown paint?

Greased up and ready to perform. Competitors backstage at the Eastern European Cup bodybuilding competition in the southern Russian city of Stavropol

No brainer. Paint roller it is.
Here, at this weekend's Eastern European Cup bodybuilding competition, in the southern Russian city of Stavropol, men and women, while pumping their muscles backstage, are literally painted with brown dye.
And, some might argue, to excellent effect.
Tanned, muscly and pumped up, the professionals are ready to perform for the judges.
So take pleasure at the photos below, showing the art of bodybuilding... the homespun way.

You've missed a bit: Applying heavy fake tan to a competitor prior to an event in the southern city of Stavropol

'One-thousand-and-one, one-thousand-and-two...': Beefing up biceps ready for competition time, in Stavropol, south Russia

Partnering up: Competitors tussle backstage pumping up for an event in Minsk, Russia

Final preparations: Hair, make-up and, er, press-ups - essential last-minute grooming pre-competition in Stavropol, Russia

'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes....': Private practice backstage

Fighting stance: Eyeing up the competition and rehearsing the poses

Waiting line: Bronzed bodybuilders of all shapes and sizes line up for the big event

source: dailymail


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