Bieber fever hits London! Justin is escorted through Heathrow as hysterical Beliebers are reduced to tears as they touch their idol


Her lucky day: One fan looked utterly starstruck as Justin Bieber touched down at Heathrow

You'd think it was the second coming of Christ, considering the hysterical devotion at Heathrow today. But the dramatic scenes ensued thanks to the arrival of a certain sideways cap-wearing popstar.
Justin Bieber touched down in London, with his army of female Beliebers ready to greet him. Even he seemed overwhelmed by his reception, later tweeting: 'Wow. Airport was crazy getting to London! All worth it for my beliebers. Some people always tryna ruin it for the fans. Not today... '
The Canadian singer swaggered into the capital in baggy jeans that, much to the delight of his impressionable teenage devotees, hung so low they showed off most of his boxer shorts.

Where's Wally? Justin can be seen buried in the middle of his adoring fans

Centre of attention: Justin seemed to be enjoying the commotion in his honour

Dream come true: Two Beliebers were in pieces after catching a glimpse of the Baby singer

Obsessed: One girl could barely contain her tears after meeting her idol, crying into her phone

Overwhelming: Even Justin was impressed by his fans, tweeting: 'Wow. Airport was crazy getting to London!'

Never one to blow his own trumpet, Selena Gomez's other half also wore a T-shirt with the slogan 'R.A.R.E Individual.'
The 18-year-old completed his ultra trendy look with neon headphones around his neck to prove he's comfortable enough with his masculinity to step out in garish pink.
In keeping with his bright look-at-me outfit, Justin also wore a bright yellow cap from label Neff.

Struggling: Help was on hand when Justin needed a trolley

Taking it in his stride: Justin seemed rather amused by all the fuss, smiling in the sea of frenzied attention

Patience is a virtue: Justin seemed to be ordering his fans with a 'one at a time' motto

One girl, wearing a red hoodie with her idol's name on it, was seen in floods of tears.
While another two youngsters were seen sobbing together like scenes from when Take That announced their split in 1996.
As Justin made his way to the exit, he was followed by a flurry of outstretched arms all trying to grab a piece of him.
Last week, Justin continued on his quest to shake off his squeaky clean image by standing up for himself on Twitter.
Bieber spoke out on the social networking site, directly addressing Mariah Yeater, the 20-year-old who accused him of being the father of her child after a 30 second backstage liaison.
He tweeted: 'Dear mariah yeeter (sic) …we have never met…so from the heart i just wanted to say,' before posting a link to a YouTube audio clip of the character Borat goading: 'You will never get this. You will never get this.'

Easy now! Justin's bag seem to go flying in the commotion

source: dailymail


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