Bieber Screamers! Go to school? Not when you can stand in the rain chasing pint-sized teen pop star!


We're the Bellebers: Three teenagers waited hours to catch a sight of their idol, now he's gone they are inconsolable

Every 20 minutes or so, 300 girls jump up and down, pull at their hair, sob and let out hysterical, traffic-stopping screams. ‘Is it him? Is it Justin? Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! I love you so much!’
And then — yet another false alarm — they sit down again and get back to bickering about who loves Justin Bieber the most.
‘Oh my God, I adore him. I dream about him every night.’
‘No! I love him more. He’s my inspiration. He’s my idol. I love everything about him — apart from his girlfriend.’
Welcome to Day Four of the Justin Bieber vigil outside the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, West London where — despite a week of torrential rain and buffeting winds — spirits are high.

Devoted: The school-age fans have taken over the street outside Justin's hotel

Struggle: Traffic comes to a standstill as young girls spill into the road as Bieber heads off

‘I’ve seen him three times getting into the car and I even saw his bare chest,’ shrieks Carly, 14, from Walthamstow. ‘This is the best week of my life.’
Like Carly, hundreds of girls have been here since Monday, waiting and waiting and waiting to see the Canadian pop sensation and shrieking every 20 minutes or so, just in case.

Making a move: Justin Bieber leaves his London hotel on the way to the airport, as his adoring fans scramble for a glimpse

They have no shelter, no sleeping bags (‘We didn’t think to bring one’), no proper food (they’ve been living on Red Bull and Big Macs), but all sport bulging make-up bags.
Nearly all of these young girls should be at school. In fact, many are wearing their uniforms.
‘We haven’t been to college for four days,’ says Paige, 16. ‘But at the moment Justin Bieber’s more important than my GCSEs. My parents think I’m crazy but they don’t understand how much we love him.’
Emmen, 11, and Oceanne, 12, from Gatwick, have come in their school uniforms. ‘I don’t care if anyone says I’m too young,’ says Oceanne. ‘He’s hot and sexy and I love him.’
So she and Emmen bunked off school and walked an hour across London from Victoria station. ‘We didn’t have a map, so we asked every single person we saw if they knew the way to Justin Bieber.’

Mayhem: Oblivious to the surrounding traffic, Justin Bieber fans chase his car down Kensington High street

For anyone not up to speed on teen pop idols, Justin Bieber is a pop star from Stratford, Ontario.
He is 18 years old, a Christian, possibly a virgin (he swore an oath of chastity to his mother but doesn’t seem to wear his chastity ring any more), is worth £65 million and has sold eight million records.
The film of one of his concerts, Never Say Never, grossed over £62 million.
He has nearly 21 million Twitter followers (recent tweets include ‘who am i? the luckiest guy on the planet. im a fighter for what i believe in but i have millions next to me. Thankyou’) and gains a new follower every second.
Apparently, three per cent of all conversations on Twitter are about Justin. His fans are called ‘Beliebers’ and are extremely dedicated.

Hordes: Justin Bieber's car is swamped by screaming schoolgirls desperate for one last chance to see their idol

Little inconvenient? It certainly takes Justin a while longer to get out of the door than most

Don't you have school to go to? Justin's fans appear to have put all other plans aside for the star

Too keen? One fan sporting an 'I heart Bieber' t-shirt climbed onto a car

Girls are clambering over the wall, trampling on the flowers, frantically trying to push past the security guards.
His security guards close in, post him like a parcel into the Mercedes and they pull away. But the Beliebers give chase. They swarm into the road, running in front of buses and taxis leaving a trail of shoes and schoolbags in their wake.
Bianca is standing in front of the Mercedes. Everyone else is bashing on the boot, licking the windows, banging on the doors. One girl is on the bonnet. A security guard has to get out and swear at her until she slides off and the car starts moving.
And then, he’s gone. Everyone is weeping and wailing. Dozens of girls are hyperventilating. A chosen few have touched him.

Takes its toll: The star has admitted that he has found the extensive travel necessary to promote his latest studio album Believe very tiring

Grateful: The star has taken to Twitter to thank his UK fans for their extraordinarily warm welcome

Like Bianca. Who will never be the same again.
‘Oh my God. Oh my God! OH MY GOD!’ she sobs. ‘I stood right in front of the car and it was moving. I didn’t even care. I just wanted to touch him. His bodyguard got out of the car to push people back and I put my hand in and he slapped my hand. I touched him! I touched Justin Bieber. Oh my God.
‘I can’t believe it. I can’t even breathe. It’s the best day of my life. I’m so, so happy.’

Always has time: Justin smiled as he waved to his fans as he left the hotel today

Taking his time: Justin recently revealed that he doesn't intend to marry for another ten years

source: dailymail


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