'We're crying our eyes out': Emotional Eva Longoria and Desperate Housewives co-stars share photos from last day on set


End of an era: Eva Longoria tweeted this photo of her last day on the Desperate Housewives set after the show's eight-year run, saying 'me and our amazing crew'

An emotional Eva Longoria led her Desperate Housewives co-stars in sharing photos of the last day on set. The hit show has finished after an eight-year run and the 37-year-old was one of the original cast members.
The actress, who plays Gabrielle Solis, posted photos of herself in a stunning silk purple dress, in between takes shooting scenes for the wedding between characters Renee Perry and Ben Faulkner, played by Vanessa Williams and Charles Measure.
The tight-fitting strapless number, with a lace bodice, finished at her calves. She paired it with droplet diamond earrings.
In one photo she smiles widely with some of the team behind her, and wrote: 'Me and our amazing camera crew!'

Emotional: Eva burst into tears with Marcia Cross, who plays Bree van der Kamp

Hugs all around: She also hugged her on-screen husband, Ricardo Chavira, who plays Carlos Solis, and Felicity Huffman, who plays Lynette Scavo

Do you REALLY eat those? The star thanked Fat Burger for making her last day on set special

In another shot, she is seen in front of a fast food truck, still wearing the glamourous dress, but her black Ugg boots can be seen.
She holds a massive burger in her hands, and wrote: 'Thank you #Fatburger for making the last day on the set of Desperate Housewives special!'
In yet more shared photos, Eva can be seen hugging and crying with her co-stars.

Big day: The actress with creator Mark Cherry, centre, and co-stars, from left, Vanessa Williams in a wedding dress, Felicity, Kevin Rahn, Tuc Watkins, Charles Measure, Brenda Strong, Ricardo, and Doug Savan

Hair and makeup time! Eva presented Vanessa with a bottle of her perfume on the last day

She shared a passionate hug with her on-screen husband, Ricardo Chavira, who plays Carlos Solis, and also embraces Felicity Huffman (Lynette Scavo) and Marcia Cross (Bree van der Kamp).
The actress showed off her empty trailer after it had been cleaned and cleared, saying it was ready for the next actor to move in.
In a massive group photo, Vanessa can be seen in a stunning wedding dress for her character's upcoming nuptials.

Best friends: Eva and Kevin Rahm, who plays one half of Wisteria Lane's resident gay couple, Lee McDermott

Pretty in PJs! Felicity Huffman tweeted that her husband had made her a sign which is what he does for their children when it is their last day of school

The strapless number appears to have silver beading on the bodice and she has also paired the number with diamond earrings.
Her brunette locks are decorated with a floral fascinator on the side of her head.
Also in the photo is the show's creator Mark Cherry, Felicity, Kevin Rahn (Kevin McDermott), Tuc Watkins (Bob Hunter), Charles, Brenda Strong (Mary Alice Young), Ricardo, and Doug Savant (Tom Scarvo).

Family love: Eva's on-screen daughter Daniella Baltodano shared this picture of her character's family, including 'father' Ricardo Chavira and 'sister' Madison De La Garza

Counting down: Felicity shared this picture in the last week on set of her with on-screen husband Doug Savant and one of the actors who plays one of her sons, Charlie Carver

Bare: She also shared this snap of her trailer after it had been cleaned and cleared, saying it was all ready for the next actor

Vanessa shared her own photo of the last day, of her and Eva getting their hair and makeup done.
She said that the star had given her her fragrance, and later added: 'About to watch #DontBeTardy on @Bravotv in my DH trailer while wearing my wedding dress. What a coincidence!'
Eva's onscreen children also shared photos.

Picture perfect: Darcy Rose Byrnes, who plays Penny Scavo, poses with Andrea Parker, who plays her on-screen father's girlfriend Jane, at a fundraiser during the last week of the show

Hard at work: Brenda Strong shared this photo of Creator Marc Cherry on his laptop on set

Memories: Andrea Bowen, who plays Teri Hatcher's character Susan Myer's daughter Julie, shared a photo of the set

Madison De La Garza, who plays her eldest daughter Juanita, said: 'Last day on #DesperateHousewives .... Stupid show gonna make me cry.
'I've never squeezed anyone so hard. I've never cried so painfully. There will always be a hole in my heart, and one that is ever so filled.
'I'm too numb to cry. I love you guys - @DaniBaltodano @EvaLongoria - You are an forever will be my family. Our journey has come to an end!

Upset: Madison, who plays Juanita, was very emotional with her tweets

Sharing her thoughts: Eva kept her Twitter fans up-t-date on the last day

Her on-screen sister Daniella Baltodano replied with: 'Im sad too Maddie ! Thank you for being my big sister...forever ! I love u ! My mom said I can come over to your house and do some cannon balls in your pool...ok ?'
She then shared a photo of her onscreen family.
And always the comedian, Felicity Huffman shared a picture of herself wearing leopard-print pyjamas while holiding up a sign that read: 'Last day of Desperate Housewives 4-26-12'.

The stars of the show: Felicity, Marcia, Vanessa and Dana Delany (Katherine) tweeted also

She captioned it with: 'Off to my last day on @DesperateABC. Hubbie wrote a sign, just like we do with our kids on last days of school.'
Felicity is married to William H. Macy.
Dana Delany, who played Katherine Mayfair before leaving two years ago, is expected to appear in the finale and posted to Marcia Cross: "Congratulations @ReallyMarcia on a gloriously spectacular 8 years on #DesperateHousewives. Love you.'
And she soppily replied: 'Thank you. One of the greatest gifts from it was getting to know you. Xxoo.'
Andrea Bowen, who plays Teri Hatcher's character Susan Myer's daughter Julie, said simply on twitter: 'The most beautiful place to work. I will miss everything about it.'

Outspoken: Charles, Kevin and Charlie also got in on the action

She then shared a photo of the set.
Brenda Strong, who plays is the show's narrator, and played the housewives' friend who committed suicide before the show started, Mary Alice, also got in on the action.
She uploaded a snap of Marc Cherry sitting at his laptop on set.
She wrote: 'This is where it all began 8 years ago! Last day on Wisteria Lane and Marc Cherry is still hard at work!'

Andrea (Julie Meye) Brenda (Mary Alice Young) and Daniella's (Celia Solis) tweets

source: dailymail


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