Fan-tache-tic: Proudly whiskered gents gather for Brussels' battle of the beards


The golden moustache: Jef holds up his trophy after winning the competition for the best moustache of Brussels during a contest in central Brussels earlier today

There can be few more obvious expressions of distinguished masculinity than a full, furry moustache.
These remarkable examples of facial topiary were pictured at a competition for best moustache in Brussels, Belgium, earlier today.
Proudly whiskered gentleman from all over the region for the event, which was won by a man identified only as Jef.
His gravity defying facial follicles stretched the usual definition of moustache, incorporating as it did much of the beard from his cheeks as well.

Proud: Jef smiles as a competition organiser pins on his champion's pin after he is named the winner

Hairy heroes: This combination photo shows some of the best moustaches of the day at the event

Runner up: A participant poses for the camera

source: dailymail


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