Filthy floors, overflowing bins and no wash basin for food handlers: Dirty secrets of Peter Andre's cafe revealed


Health warning: Peter Andre, serving TOWIE star Amy Childs, said the problems at the New York Coffee Club have now been sorted

When Peter Andre opened his own cafe five months ago, he was hoping his critics would keep their mouths shut.
However a Freedom of Information request has revealed the reasons why his New York Coffee Club cafe was given just one-star by hygiene inspectors.
When the council inspectors visited the pop-star's cafe in East Grinstead, West Sussex, they found a number of hygiene issues, including dirty floors, overflowing bins and chicken being thawed unsafely.
The New York Coffee Club, which opened last November, is run by Andre and his brother Danny, who were both told to make 'urgent improvements' following the inspection earlier this month.
Out of 242 food outlets inspected by the council, Andre’s cafe - run by his brother Danny - was among 20 other outlets that were given the one star rating.

Peter Andre's cafe in West Sussex was given the one star rating by inspectors

In the report inspectors said the floor was dirty, the bin was overflowing and that there was no hand wash basin for food handlers.
They added that ‘high risk perishable food’ such as chicken was left to thaw at room temperature which encouraged the growth of 'poisoning bacteria'.
Open packets of high-risk food were also sort

From pop star to cafe worker: Andre helped staff prepare drinks at the opening

The report added that the owners had violated statutory health and safety requirements by not informing workers of health and safety law.
In addition, risk assessments were missing and at the time of the inspection the owner’s liability insurance certificate was not available to view.
Despite the setback, Andre, 39, is hoping to open a Brighton branch of his cafe later this year.
A spokeswoman said that Danny Andre had assured her that all the packets of food mentioned in the report had used-by dates on them and that the chicken was thawed at room temperature as recommended by the manufacturer.

source: dailymail


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