Nothing beats the real thing! Justin Bieber can't keep his hands off Selena Gomez after making do with a lookalike for his Boyfriend video


The real thing! Justin looked delighted to be with his girlfriend Selena Gomez on the set of his new video today, he's been using a lookalike to film with

Justin Bieber has been making do with a lookalike Selena Gomez on the set of his latest video in LA, but today he was reunited with the real thing... and he couldn't have been happier.
The 18-year-old has been seen smooching a brunette who looks almost identical to the Disney star for the short film which accompanies his new single, Boyfriend.
She's clearly supposed to represent the Canadian superstar's 20-year-old partner, thankfully the youngsters are wise enough not to to follow J-Lo down the path of flaunting real-life relationships in music videos.
However, Bieber couldn't keep his hands off his the genuine article when she joined him on set today. In the new song, the teenager sings about wanting to be the perfect boyfriend, if the girl he has feelings for will just give him a chance.
He's clearly that passionate about fellow performer Gomez, hence the model chosen for the shoot being in her image.

That's my girl! Justin can't take his eyes off the genuine article after days of working with a doppelganger

Spot the difference: Selena Gomez (left) is indistinguishable from her double, seen fooling around with Justin for the video (right)

Justin's type: Hotpants - check, long dark hair - check, boots - check

And it made for a bizarre sight today with both 'Selenas' on set today.
While on closer inspection, the girls were obviously difference... it involved a double take or three to make sure.
The model shares Selena's sleek dark chestnut mane, and was dressed in similar hot-pants and chunky boots.

Look familiar? Justin Bieber is so besotted he picked a lookalike of girlfriend Selena Gomez to smooch with in his Boyfriend video

He may be growing up fast but Bieber clearly still enjoys playing with his toys.
The singer was spotted sitting in a muscle car and getting ready to ride a motorcycle as he recorded some final scenes for the promo.
And the pint-sized pop singer looked in jubilant mood as he enjoyed himself in the California sun.

source: dailymail


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