Pint-sized Piano Man! Listen to autistic boy play the Billy Joel classic perfectly ...and he's only SIX years old


Meet Ethan Walmark, an adorable six-year-old boy from Westport who has become a YouTube sensation with his piano-playing talent. At his young age most children would struggle to get past a discordant version of ‘chopsticks’. But not Ethan. His small fingers fly over the keys as he plays an impressive rendition of Billy Joel’s Piano Man.
He looks coyly up at the camera as he trills out an introduction to the song, giving audiences worldwide a taste of what’s to come.
Then he’s off, barely glancing down at the keys as he plays, clearly something of a natural. The pint sized pianist is too short to even reach the pedals and stands by the piano, coming up to about shoulder height on the seated guitar player.
‘Sing it now,’ he merrily instructs the player, who obliges.
The look of concentration on the youngster’s face intensifies as he becomes more and more enthusiastic, before launching into song himself.

Encouragement: Ethan instructs the guitar player to 'sing it now!'

Catching a break in the lyrics he turns to face the man on the guitar and chirps: ‘Sing it together!’
‘Sing it together, sing it together!’ he yells dynamically, encouraging his partner with lines like ‘you can do it!’
Every so often helpful Ethan leans in to remind the guitar play of the upcoming lyrics.
Ethan has 20 videos on YouTube of him performing hits such as Take on Me by A-Ha and James Taylor’s Mockingbird with siblings and by himself.

Sensation: Ethan plays with his sister, Eliza (left) and by himself (right) in a series of YouTube videos

Ethan suffers from a form of autism that makes social interaction difficult. But he has a rare musical gift that also serves as therapy.
He wowed his parents, Mike and Alison, by being able to play the Beatles' I Will on the piano by ear when he was just four.
And they have encouraged his talents ever since
‘We just want our son to be happy, whatever that means to him.’ Mike Walmark told the Wesport Patch in a 2011 interview. ‘It’s not about us anymore. It’s about him.’

source: dailymail


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