Quackers! The man who takes his pet duck Boris everywhere... even on holiday (and carries the bird over his head when it rains)


Best friends: Wayne O'Donnell and his Aylesbury duck Boris are inseparable

A man walks into a bar with a duck on his head. No, really, he does.
Wayne O'Donnell takes his pet duck Boris with him everywhere, including to the pub for a pint.
And the sleek white Aylesbury likes nothing better than showing off his party trick . . . of balancing on his owner's head.
That's if he's not waddling by his side down the street or being driven around in the passenger seat of his car.
Mr O'Donnell, a caravan technician, has had Boris since he was a bundle of day-old yellow fluff. And where he goes, Boris goes.
Four years on Mr O'Donnell, of Romsey, Hampshire, even took his duck on summer holiday to a villa in Barcelona.
There they strolled on the sand in the Spanish sun and were the talk of local bars and restaurants.

'Intelligent creatures': The duck follows his owner through the streets of Romsey, Hampshire, like a dog. In the four years they have been together, Mr O'Donnell has taught Boris to lie on his head

'It was brilliant because I could take him everywhere – the streets were narrow so he could walk around, he even came on the beach,' said Mr O'Donnell, 41. 'People sort of look gobsmacked when they see me and Boris, they can't work it out.

Riding shotgun: Boris sits happily in the passenger seat of Mr O'Donnell's caruff

'They say to me “why have you got a duck?” and I say “why have you got a dog?”.
'But it's the dogs that really can't work it out – they sit there and think “what are you?”.
'But Boris is not worried at all by them. He doesn't think he's a duck. I try to take him out for walks every day. And although Boris has taken to pubs, cafes, beaches and cars like a duck to water, there's one area where he won't take the plunge. Unfortunately, I didn't teach him how to swim.'
Mr O'Donnell added: 'I used to take him out on canal boats and he stayed on the deck because he doesn't like getting in water.'

Keeps the rain off: The 41-year-old caravan technician shows off Boris's favourite trick

'He doesn't think he's a duck': Boris hates water and was never taught to swim, preferring human pursuits such as going for a quiet drink down the pub or jetting off to the Costa Brava for a stroll along the beach

Travelling companion: Mr O'Donnell said the port authorities in France and Spain were wary of Boris and were convinced he was going to enter the food chain

source: dailymail


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