Rihanna turns Geisha girl and grows claws for 'Princess of China' video with Coldplay


The many arms of Rihanna: Rihanna and Coldplay released their official tour video for the single 'Princess of China' today

Rihanna is taking getting handsy to a whole new level.
The 24-year-old singer sports multiple hands and arms in the new tour edition clip for her 'Princess of China' collaboration with Coldplay.
The Bajan beauty opts for two different looks in the brief clip.
Her arms, complete with talon-like nails, multiply while she wears a body-hugging black gown. She shows a bit of Angelina Jolie-like leg while her cleavage is pushed all the way out of the slinky number.
Her make-up is bright: her eyes are covered in purple shadow, while a bright pink colour stains her lips.

Starting off slow: The 24-year-old singer has two arms at the video's start

Making moves: The Battleship star starts to make motions with her talon-like fingers

In a nod to the China theme, her hair is piled atop her head and adorned with what looks like chopsticks.
For her second look, she wears an elaborate red and purple kimono.
Red and crystal tassels hang from the chopsticks in her hairdo, which match the cherry shade on her lips.

New look: Rihanna sports huge nails and cartoonish make-up in the Princess video

The claws come out: The Bajan beauty shows off her long gold fingernails in this clip

The video looks more like a pop art offering than a video, which seems to be intent.
Though the actual music video has not been released, this arty piece which debuted today is the official tour edition video.
It was first teased during a Coldplay show in Edmonton, Canada, just one week ago.
Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has said of bringing Rihanna on as a collaborator: 'Rihanna's bit on our record is my favourite bit.

Helping hands: Rihanna sports fourteen arms and hands in the video

Superhero: Rihanna looks like something out of a comic book here

'When the song came out, it sort of asked for her to be on it.
'And I think at this point, we have nothing to lose, and so we've been trying some new things and trying to break down the perceived boundaries between different types of music.'
The real video will be released early next month.

Don't mess with Rihanna: She has fourteen hands, after all

Eyes closed in ecstasy: The Barbados native caps the video in a spectacular way

source: dailymail


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