That face says it all! Cheryl Cole is unimpressed as Chris Moyles accuses her of flirting during Radio 1 interview


That face says it all! Cheryl Cole looked confused as Chris Moyles accused her of flirting with him during an interview on Radio 1 yesterday

They became good friends when they hiked Mount Kilimanjaro together for Sport Relief back in 2009. But their friendship is purely platonic, which may explain why Cheryl Cole was so nonplussed when Chris Moyles accused her of flirting with him during an interview on Radio 1 yesterday.
The 28-year-old singer was being questioned about her use of micro-blogging site Twitter when Chris asked her how many followers she had, to which Cheryl replied: 'Two something, I'm getting up there, Chris!'
To which Chris replied: 'I didn't want to say anything!' He then added: 'Look at you flirting!'
And that point the Radio 1 webcam zoomed in on Cheryl's face, which managed to briefly look both confused and mildly insulted.
Laughing, the pair then both moved on from the somewhat awkward situation, and continued with their interview.

Fun and games: Chris laughed as he made the accusation

Moving on: But Cheryl didn't hold a grudge and appeared to be having a good time throughout the interview

Telling Chris about the reasons she joined Twitter, Cheryl said: 'I resisted Twitter for so long, it was the enemy for so long. But I love it now. I don't know what i was doing without it.'
And joking about any abuse she receives on Twitter, Cheryl added: 'I find that the haters on there are quite hilarious.
'Just have a nice time and follow nice people!'

Colour clash: Cheryl wore a pair of leopard-print jeans with a yellow and grey vest top and pink sandals as she headed in to the Radio 1 studios

Chris also asked Cheryl about how she found out she was fired from X Factor USA, which she attempted to dodge answering by replying: 'I've enjoyed this past year making the record and having the time to do that.'
But asked if she was still on speaking terms with Cowell, Cheryl replied: 'I have spoken to him many times since.
'If you're asking if there were interesting conversations, absolutely.'

source: dailymail


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