'Training wheels' for bikers? New electric motor-trike is FAR safer than motorcycles (even if can only do 40mph)


Three wheels better? Thrill-seeking motorcyclists will soon be able to discover a new way to burn rubber - on a tilting three-wheel trike

It's safe to say you probably won't see chapters of Hells Angels tearing along on Sway motor-trikes any time soon - the electric trikes can only hit 40mph.
Designer Joe Wilcox believes it ‘will change the way we think about movement’ - as it's much less easy to fall off than conventional bikes.
The sway lets riders 'lean' into turns - although whether it will lend its riders the effortless cool of, say, Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider remains to be seen.
Wilcox, 35, from Durham, North Carolina, United States, said: ‘The Sway design offers the thrill of a motorcycle without the fear of falling over.
‘The sensation of flying that we love about two wheelers comes with the risk of a severe failure mode.

The Sway vehicle, which can reach a top speed of 40mph, removes the danger of falling

‘Sway removes a lot of that risk, and it does so in a way which preserves - even enhances - the cool factor.’
Sway is designed as a street legal moped-class vehicle but its versatility doesn't restrict it to just one terrain - it can travel on snow, mud or even ice.
The trike's battery, which will take around two hours to fully charge, allows the user to enjoy a 30 mile range.

Get out on the highway: The Sway allows users to lean into turns as if on a motorbike

Hell on wheels: The Sway has a top speed of 40mph, and can manage a range of 60 miles

Joe Wilcox is from Durham, North Carolina, United States

Wilcox, a designer at innovation company IDEO, added: ‘I built the Sway because I dreamed of it - I wanted it but I couldn't buy it, so I had to make it.
‘Sway has an appeal which is instantly apparent, wherever we ride it people want to check it out - it has viral potential.
‘Unlike counter-steering vehicles, which need forward motion and steering in order to balance, Sway controls tilt with the rider's legs on the footpads, in a manner that resembles skiing or roller skating.
‘Once a rider has familiarised themselves with the control scheme, they find the vehicle enables much more security than a two wheeler.’
It is set for release next year and the estimated price tag is predicted to be between 4,400 pounds and 6,300 pounds.
Wilcox, added: ‘My hope is to be able to take deposits very soon.’

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