A Taylor-made butterfly! Singer Swift enjoys an evening of face-painting with the girls


Face paint: Taylor Swift had an impressive butterfly painted on her face by a friend, later tweeting the results
'Evidently, it was 'face paint Wednesday' last night,' she wrote, before posting the photograph.

She regularly appears on stage with lyrics scrawled over her arms.
So last night provided a bit of a departure for Taylor Swift who enjoyed a girly night of face-painting with friends.
The 22-year-old singer posted a photograph of herself sporting an impressive blue and black butterfly over her cheek and forehead.
'@ashavignone drew a unicorn on @ClaireWinter's face. Impressed,' she added.
The Instagram picture also showed an array of face paints and brushes, along with Taylor's friends also sporting painted faces of designs including a unicorn, flowers and hearts.

It's a cat's life: Taylor was still sporting her colourful facepaint as she posed for a picture with her playful kitten

Impressed: Taylor's friends also sported an array of colourful face paint, including flowers, hearts and a unicorn

Taylor then posted a photograph of herself with a painted face, while she played with her cat.
'Eye contact, important,' she wrote.
The young singer songwriter found herself in the spotlight on Sunday when she collected a Billboard award for Woman of the Year.

Artistic: Taylor and her friends got creative with their faces, with the star posting photographs of she and her friends

source: dailymail


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