Boy, 3, risks his life by driving toy motorbike across busy road junction ... all because he wanted to see his mum


Shocking: The youngster is pictured travelling across the busy junction on his toy motorcycle

Like any young boy, this child wanted to avoid being separated from his mother for too long.
But this three-year-old's desperation to see mum nearly ended in tragedy.
As this incredible CCTV footage shows, the youngster risked his life by travelling through the middle of a busy junction on his toy motorcycle.
Vehicles - including a number of large coaches - narrowly avoided the tot, who seems completely unaware of the danger he is in.
Perhaps more shockingly, all of the motorists continue driving, leaving the boy weaving in and out of the heavy traffic.

Scary: As the tot makes progress, he drives straight into the path of on-coming vehicles, including this large coach

Adventurous: The three-year-old is completely unfazed as cars and coaches race past him

The youngster was being looked after by his grandfather when he decided he wanted to see his mother - who was working at a KFC restaurant.
He waited until his grandfather was out of the room before setting off on his journey through the streets of Wenzhou on Monday, which is in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang.

Missing mum: The youngster decide to make the dangerous journey because he wanted to see his mother who was working at a KFC restaurant

According to, the adventurous youngster travelled for about 1.3miles before he arriving at the incredibly busy junction.
Fortunately, a traffic policeman saw the boy and signalled for him to stop his bike. He then helped him to safety at the side of the road.
By this point, his grandfather was fraught with worry and was out looking for his missing grandson.
Thankfully, he came across the policeman and his grandson.
When he was asked by the policeman if he was scared, the tot apparently just shrugged and said he had learned how to cross a street.

Happy ending: Thankfully, the youngster's grandfather found him with the policeman and the pair were reunited

source: dailymail


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