First a paparazzo... now a run-in with a glass wall! Justin Bieber suffers concussion after hitting his head backstage in Paris


Naughty boy: Justin, pictured yesterday in Oslo, Norway, caused a lot of trouble when his fans got out of control

Bieber mania swept through Oslo, Norway, over the course of three days and left 49 teenage girls injured amongst the crazed hysteria.
But it seems they weren't the only ones getting hurt - after the Biebster was left injured himself.
The pop prince was left concussed after running into a glass wall backstage at a secret Paris gig the following day.
Justin, who is now 'taking it easy', tweeted his fans: 'just smacked my head and needed some water. all good.
'im (sic) Canadian. we are tough. lol. its all good. just gotta take it easy the rest of the night. back at it again for u guys tomorrow. thanks.
'gonna eat, rest, get some sleep and tomorrow Im back at it. The show must go on! Love yall. We got this.'

Raucous: At least 49 Justin Bieber fans were left injured in Oslo, Norway, after mass crowds went wild to see the pop star perform, yesterday

What riot scene? Justin seemed in good spirits as he arrived in Paris, France, earlier today, and was bombarded by fans again

He later joked: 'i will see u again Glass. I will have my revenge. BIEBER vs GLASS. MGM LAS VEGAS 2013. lol. #GottaLaughAtYourself.'
The incident during the gig, with Justin managing to complete his set, before passing out briefly in the dressing room afterwards.
The news comes as the mayor of Oslo, where Justin performed earlier this week, reportedly launched an investigation into the star's pandemonium and issued a statement on the situation.

Ouch! Things went badly for Justin in Paris too, after he was knocked out when he ran into a wall of glass during his concert

Getting a close up: Justin and his entourage blocked a young female fan from touching him as she was pushed away

Soft side: Justin was happy to pose for a quick photograph once he realised the girl wasn't trying to attack him

Mayor Stang said: 'I have already called on the Emergency Planning Agency to examine the entire event from the planning stage to its implementation.
'We have to find out what went wrong and why it happened.'
The local police force were almost forced to issue a state of emergency as tens of thousands of screaming Beliebers swarmed upon the streets of the capital city.
As more and more fans descended on the city, traffic was left gridlocked as the girls stampeded through the normally quiet roads.
According to, the mayor fell victim to the onslaught of manic fans and had to take shelter behind a tree in order to avoid getting trampled all over.

The running man: As Beliebers rush towards their idol, a bodyguard makes a swift move to try and block them off

Mr popular: The Boyfriend singer was unable to walk through Paris without getting stopped by eager fans

I love you: Justinn hinted that he may be hooking up with Kanye West while in the city of love

Meanwhile, with the carnage left firmly behind him in Oslo, Justin, 18, moved on to his next destination and arrived in Paris.
After tweeting: 'PARIS Here we Come. #BELIEVE', the scenes which he had left just 24 hours ago seemed to be repeating in the French capital.
The Boyfriend singer said: 'thanks to all the fans at the airport and at the hotel. amazing welcome. happy to be here and look forward to some surprises. Je t'aime'.
It appears that accumulating injuries is a prerequisite for Bieber fans, as a young Parisian girl came close to falling foul of her idols bodyguards.
As Justin arrived in Paris, a female fan tried to grab a piece of him in order to get a photograph with the star.

source: dailymail


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