Look at my tot-toos! Babies are made into billboards with digital tattoos in incredible boundary-pushing art project


Crawling billboards: A picture by Dietrich Wegner entitled Sabine and Sebastian from his Cumulous brand series in archival inkjet print which attempts to highlight the way children are bombarded by adverts every day

It's said that children are bombarded with 40,000 adverts a year as companies increasingly look to make their mark on the young.
Now one artist has sought to highlight this overt use of corporate branding by doing quite literally that.
Using some digital trickery, Dietrich Wegner has covered babies in a plethora of tattoos, from firms such as Lego, Gap, Apple and Sony, to turn them into tiny crawling billboards.

Cumulous Brand, Sebastian as Auntie Gretchen, 2009: Mr Wegner has tried to get his message across by plastering the babies in fake tattoos of company logos including Honda, Lego and Gap

By creating this friction, the Pennsylvania-based artist says the images become 'a meditation on how our identities evolve and how we declare them'.
On his website, it says he likes to create images that are 'safe and unsettling, abject and beautiful'.
It continues: 'It is this conflicted experience Dietrich Wegner’s work strives to evoke in a viewer in order that we will have a sparked curiosity and unstable assumptions.'

Cumulous Brand, Sabine Sitting Up, 2009: Mr Wegner says he likes to create images that are 'safe and unsettling, abject and beautiful'

The pictures, supplied by Carrie Secrist Gallery in Chicago, are part of a series entitled Cumulous Brand, which focuses on children, their identities and how they change over time.
The tattoos were added to pictures of the babies using image editing software.

source: dailymail


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