Look at that body! Craig David gets out his six-pack as he works up a sweat on the beach


Feel the burn: Singer Craig David works his body outdoors in Miami beach, yesterday afternoon

With his toned and muscular body sweating in the summer sun, Craig David certainly looked slicker than your average beach dweller, yesterday afternoon.
The chart topping singer pushed his body to the limit during a gruelling work out session at a park in Miami Beach, Florida.
The 31-year-old looked in great shape as he put on quite a physical performance in order to maintain his impressive physique. The Born to Do It singer was shirtless and showed off his six-pack and heavily sculpted torso which he had the perfect formula for. Craig perched himself on the edge of a raised platform and sat there doing stomach crunches in order to get the chiseled look.
Under the watchful eye of his personal trainer Grant DeBacher, he then moved on to work out his extremely ripped guns.

Hulking out: Craig lifted some heavy looking dumbbells as he pumped his guns and his veins raised to the sufrace

Show off: The Born to Do it singer worked up quite a sweat after his personal trainer Grant DeBacher put him through his paces

With a heavy looking dumbbell in each hand, his veins raised to the surface as he repeated his bicep curls in the blistering heat, before hydrating with coconut water.
The fitness fanatic worked up a sweat in his long white adidas shorts and matching trainers but stepped his celebrity status with personalised towels.
Craig dried himself off with black towels that were embroidered with the twitter hashtag '#EatCleanTrainDirty'.

Designer gear: The singer dried himself off with personalised black towels that read #EatCleanTrainDirty

He also has the motto on his twitter page and he started a Facebook group under the same name earlier this year.
He says on the Facebook page: 'As a musician music is what drives me everyday, but without the mental & physical health none of it would be possible.
'That's why I #EatCleanTrainDirty to get results all round!'
The health obsessed star also writes: 'Music & Health are all part of the same end state.....good life!!

Witness the fitness: Craig posted a picture of his motto on a T-shirt on his Facebook page

'Enjoying life to the fullest & taking the body and mind to new heights!!'
Craig has not had a top ten hit in the UK since Hot Stuff (Let's Dance) charted at number seven but he is positive that he is in for a good year of music success.
He tweeted, earlier this year: 'Let's make this an epic year and create some magic in the studio as I'm more than ready! #beenlongenough.'

source: dailymail


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