Remember you've got kids, Mel! How 41-year-old 'giddy knickers' Sykes tweets raunchy pictures and X-rated messages to her toyboy boyfriend


Raunchy new image: Melanie Sykes has been raising eyebrows for the saucy pictures she has been posting on Twitter, despite being mother to two young children

The former queen of daytime television appears to have let her crown slip.
Melanie Sykes, 41, has sent a string of sexually charged messages on social networking site Twitter to her new beau Jack Cockings, 26, openly sharing lusty details of the couple's exploits.
The TV presenter has two children, Roman, 10, and seven-year-old Valentino, from her marriage to Italian actor Daniel Caltagirone, which ended in 2009.
Melanie met Jack through the social networking site just this month and it seems the couple have wasted no time in getting acquainted.
In one of the racy posts she tweeted that she had 'the giddiest knickers of my life' and told Jack: 'I've got the raging horn, please take me'.
In another, smitten Melanie wrote: 'Jack the rabbit I need some bunny love so hop to it!! Xxx boing boing!!! Loooooool xxxxxxx'.

Family figure? The presenter is mother to two boys, ten and seven

He's making her feel young: Melanie, who has been flirting on Twitter with her 26-year-old toyboy posted a snap of a naked photoshoot to the social networking site

He replied: 'Only if I can bounce into your face! Xxx', to which she asked: 'Will you fill mine? Xxx'.
Melanie later sent flirty tweets about the colour of her underwear and referring to his manhood she said: 'If its a winkle me & you are not gonna get on Lolx'.
Another of her Tweets read: ‘Get off Twitter and get back in bed! Xxx’ God you are insatiable! I love it! Xxx.’
Unsurprisingly, she has since deleted some of the more outrageous posts.

Get a room! The presenter hooked up her 26-year-old boyfriend at a Mayfair bar after meeting online

The mother-of-two, who is known for fronting family-friendly shows told Jack: ‘My white jeans can't take it anymore gonna have to rip these babies off! X’ and ‘my throat is inflamed can you help? : )’.
As well as sharing a series of raunchy messages Melanie has also uploaded a series of snaps of her and Jack.
In one snap the couple are seen kissing while in another they are sat outside a shopping centre on children's rides.
Melanie's enthusiasm has been more than mirrored by her eager young man who told her: ‘I'm ready and very hard! Bouncy bouncy xxx’, she replied: ‘Me nips are up! tweak tweak!! Xxx’

Having a laugh: The pair have joked on Twitter about having sex together and have posted a series of pictures of themselves

She then quipped: ‘I've met this rabbit that is in dire need of my attention xx RSPCA.’
He replied: ‘@MsMelanieSykes haha this rabbit has really naughty habits though... keeps practicing for reproduction24/7 xxx’.
Melanie has even posted pictures of the pair kissing and canoodling on the micro-blogging site as well as snaps from photoshoots of herself nude and in sexy lingerie.
One particular snap, taken while she was modelling for a naked photoshoot will no doubt have grabbed Jack's attention, along with her 35,000 followers.

Less than impressed: Melanie looked unhappy as she headed out of the ITV studios this morning, and right, young lover Cockings seen in a nude snap posted on Twitter

Even comic Alan Carr intervened on Twitter after Jack wrote about her ‘hot ass’ to say: ‘will you two just get a room!!!!!!! Xx'.’
Former model Melanie, 41, says she has fallen 'hook, line and sinker' for Jack, in what she is calling an 'incredible modern day romance'.
Melanie has made a career out of fronting family-friendly, light entertainment shows and her lewd messages will no doubt raise eyebrows.
Especially as she is set to make a return to prime time on ITV1 show with Mark Wright called My Man Can.

source: dailymail


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