Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens make an arresting sight as they're busted in bikinis Spring Breakers


New direction: Selena Gomez is branching out into new territory with her role in Spring Breakers

They’re being hailed as girls gone wild, and from the looks of these bikini-clad starlets, they are living up to the title.
Stills released from their new film Spring Breakers show Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine in skimpy bikinis lined up against a police car. The movie, which will not be released until next year, also recently premiered a three-minute preview at the Cannes Film Festival.
The story centres around a group of gorgeous gal pals who hit Florida to party over Spring Break and get into a spot trouble after they run out of money and decide to rob a restaurant.
The film, which also stars James Franco as a drug dealer, is a far cry from Selena Gomez's squeaky clean image in Wizards of Waverly Place and the racy role represents a bold move for the 19-year old actress.

Busted in bikinis: Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine and Selena

Apart from parading around in a teeny bikini for most of the movie, Selena gets involved in burglary, drugs and booze.
She told Interview magazine: 'It was a mark thing for me—like, "This is what I want to be doing." I want to be taking myself seriously as an actress, and this was definitely a stretch.'

Rave reviews: A sneak peek at the Cannes Film Festival was a success

Girls gone wild: The former Disney starlets shed their clean cut image

Selena continued: 'I was getting kind of repetitive in terms of the roles I was picking, and I really wanted to do something that was completely different.'
'I mean, I’d never smoked a cigarette before in my entire life. It was really funny—they had to show me how to do it,' Justin Bieber‘s girlfriend admitted in the interview.
Ashley Benson, known for her role in Pretty Little Liars, said her fans are unlikely to appreciate her racy new movie.
'For Selena, Vanessa, and me, our audience is all in their teens or younger, so they’re not even going to be able to see this when it comes out—it’s not appropriate,' she explained.
The film rated well with film critics in France last week and raves reviews have already poured in.
'The best thing I've seen so far in Cannes!' one critic tweeted.

Bright young thing: Ashley enjoyed a night out at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood yesterday

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