Small town girls: Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are refreshingly normal as they stroll in the Connecticut countryside


Sleep walking: Later in the day Suri was clearly flagging as the pair did some shopping

Living in glitzy New York City, six-year-old Suri Cruise is regularly seen out wearing lipstick, painted nails and high heeled shoes.
So the small town atmosphere of Kent, Connecticut, population 2858, seemed to be having a sobering effect on the child as she appeared just like any other country girl today in a simple sundress.
Wearing a chambray dress and boots, Katie Holmes was also clearly enjoying a low-key day out with her daughter away from the pressures of Hollywood.
Katie who grew up in Ohio is currently on the East Coast filming a movie with Jean Reno, Allison Janney and William Hurt which is said to be a drama inspired By Chekhov's The Seagull.

A walk in the park: Mother and daughter are clearly enjoying the quiet small town atmosphere of Kent

Holmes is renting a house in the area for the duration of the project and has been a source of much excitement among locals in the sleepy village according to the local papers.
Roxanne Pavia of the Millstone Bakery said Holmes visited recently with Suri.
'She had a baseball cap on,' Pavia said. 'We didn’t talk to her, but she was very friendly, please and thank you, and then she was gone.'

Doting parent: Katie's affection for her daughter was clear as they chatted in the local park

First Selectman Bruce Adams said Holmes and Suri ate dinner at a local restaurant, Doc's Trattoria and Brick Oven Pizza, this week and sat at an adjacent table to his daughter.
'That's how I knew she was in town. I wouldn't have recognized her myself,' he said.
Laurie Lowell, a bookkeeper at Doc's, confirmed that Holmes and Hurt have dined at Doc's frequently since filming began.
'William Hurt actually put his hands together in prayer and bowed down to Roberto [Pizzo, the co-owner and chef] and said "phenomenal, phenomenal." It's been very exciting,' she gushed.

Shaggy dog: Suri eyed the animal suspiciously while her mother laughed and the bodyguard carried her toys

After doing some shopping in town, Suri, like most children appeared to be getting tired and whiny.
Shortly afterwards a burly bodyguard was spotted carrying the little girl's pink blanket and plush toy through the streets of town.
Suri perked up after spotting a large fluffy dog but seemed rather apprehensive of the animal, hiding behind her mother.
There have been no sightings yet of Holmes' husband, Tom Cruise, who is currently filming his new feature movie Oblivion, alongside co-star Morgan Freeman and Melissa Leo in nearby New York City.

source: dailymail


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