Stalker Sarah's incredible photo album: How 16-year-old's snaps with 5,000 A-list stars are making her famous in her own right


A 16-year-old girl who has collected photographs of herself with almost 5,000 of the world's biggest stars, is now becoming famous in her own right.
The bespectacled teenager, from Los Angeles, uses the pseudonym Stalker Sarah (or often Sarah M) and has posed alongside every A-lister from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, to Kim Kardashian and Oprah. She has become such a presence on the red carpet, that many celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, even know her by name.
She posts her photos on Flickr and Twitter, where there is a new addition to her album every day or two. Sarah told Good Morning America how her unlikely hobby began four years ago, when she was just 12.
She had been at an arcade with her father, when they spotted one of his favourite actors, Robert Hays.

Friend of the stars: Stalker Sarah, who has almost 5,000 photos of herself with celebrities, with Angelina Jolie

Star quality: The 16-year-old, pictured here with Brad Pitt, is now becoming famous in her own right

Gentle approach: Sarah's polite manner allows her to charm stars like Julia Roberts into posing with her

Kaptured on Kamera: Sarah strikes a pose with reality star Kim Kardashian

The Twilight zone: Meeting teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson was a real thrill for the schoolgirl

'I knew him [Hays] as the dad from Homeward Bound. My dad liked Airplane and he happened to have a camera in the car so I took a picture with him.'
Her father is still her biggest champion, and drives her to each star-studded event - on one condition.
'As long as I got straight A's in school he would take me to every event that he possibly could,' she explained.
'I got straight A’s and he had to keep that deal.'

Magic moment: A photo with Harry Potter actress Emma Watson was a recent addition to Sarah's album

Seizing the moment: Justin Bieber (left) now knows Sarah by name; she met Barbara Walters (right), one of her idols, earlier this month when she visited the GMA studios

source: dailymail


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