Stunning photos show a magnificent flotilla of tall ships from around the world as they sail into New York City for Fleet Week


The tall ship Cisne Branco, a Brazilian Navy ship, passes the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor while arriving for the 25th annual Fleet Week celebration in New York on Wednesday

A stunning flotilla of tall ships from around the world sailed into New York City on Wednesday for Fleet Week.
They include stately, old sailing ships like the iconic USCGC Eagle, 'America's Tall Ship,' and and the Colombian ARC Gloria.
But fearsome active-duty warships are also docked at New York's ports. The FNS Pohjanmaa, the mine-laying flagship of the Finnish Navy, and the 567-foot cruiser the USS San Jacinto are among the vessels on display.
This year, Fleet Week will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, a three-year conflict between the nascent American nation and the British Empire.
No fewer than 17 tall ships and ten military vessels will participate in the parade up the Hudson River.

Flotilla: The tall ships of Fleet Week strut their way up the Hudson River on a hazy afternoon as they prepare to dock in New York

The tall ships KRI Dewaruci and Gazela pass the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor

Once docked, hundreds of sailors, marines and coast guardsmen will flood the city to take in the sights and mingle with New Yorkers. New Yorkers, of course, have a long tradition of mingling with them, as well.
The navies of four ally nations will be represented in New York. The aforementioned Finnish minelayer will be available for the public to tour. JS Shirane, a 522-foot destroyer from the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, will also dock in the city. The HMCS Iroquois, a 425-foot destroyer that is the unofficial flagship of the Canadian Royal Navy, sailed into New York, along with the British RFA Argus, which is a hospital ship.

Helicopters and a fire boat pass World Trade Center One as the Fleet Week parade sails into the city

The US Navy Blue Angels fly in formation as they pass over the USS Donald Cook on the Hudson River during the Parade of Ships for the start of Fleet Week. It concludes on Memorial Day with a military flyover to honor those killed while serving in the military. (Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

The American warships include the amphibious assault ship the USS WASP, the destroyer USS Donald Cook, which was the first vessel to come to the aid of the USS Cole after it was attacked by suicide bombers in Yemen, and the destroyer USS Mitscher, which is the only
Fleet Week began in New York in 1982 and a way to let recently-deployed service members unwind and feel appreciated by the public.
It is also an exhibition of some of the most elaborate sailing ships in the world.
Perhaps premier among them in the Eagle, which typically leads the Fleet Week flotilla.
The three-masted barque was built in 1936 as a German training ship. It’s now used to train cadets at the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut.

US Marine Corps and navy personnel stand at the rails of the USS Wasp during its entry into New York Harbor

Sailors line the mast of the tall ship ARC Gloria, training ship and official flagship of the Colombian Navy, as it passes the Statue of Liberty

Members of the US Navy Blue Angels fly over the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan

The US Coast Guard Barque Eagle, 'America's Tall Ship,' sails by the Statue Of Liberty

People watch from a lawn in Battery Park as the USS Mitscher (DDG 57) passes the Statue of Liberty on the Hudson River during the Parade of Ships, which has been held in New York City since 1984

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